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The business world is a world with no limitations. The possibilities are endless and the sky really is your limit. If you have a fantastic idea for a product or service then there is nothing stopping you from turning your dream in reality and building your brand. Back in the day it took experience and educational qualifications to be able to make it anywhere in the business world, but now with a lot of determination, a great deal of innovation and a bunch of creativity, your brilliant idea could be all that you need.


Buzz Marketing - who we are

Here at Buzz Marketing we know business. Our team of innovative and experience entrepreneurs have all lived amazing lives of business start-ups and growth. Some have done it the traditional way, by studying at university and then working their way up through a business from intern to management in order to get the big break they deserved. Other made connections and used their sources to build on their brands. Some with no qualifications or education had the idea and the ambition and turned them into success. All very different stories but each ending in success. It is this variety and building block of success stories that makes our team the best. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with you to either help you start your business or to help you to develop and grow your existing one. 


What we offer

Our services are clear and simple and yet so varied. We will help you with anything from brainstorming your innovative ideas to hooking you up with the right connections that you need to help your business to succeed. We deal with everything from marketing to sales and include all of the bits in-between. We can assist with your staff hiring, your web design, your advertising mediums and even your brand logo and image. Whatever you aren't sure about we can help you. If you already have a clear goal but simply need the connections then great we can do that for you, or if you just come to us with an idea and nothing else, we can build that idea into a buzzing and vibrant brand.


Business start-ups

We can help you to start a brand from scratch. Come to us with an idea of a product or service, or even a full-scale marketing plan and we will point you in the right direction.



If your brand needs marketing mediums then we are the guys to do the job. We know the best marketing people in town who can get your brand out of your head and into the eyes and minds of millions!



Are you lacking in sales? This can be due to a number of reasons from inadequate advertising and marketing, to under or over pricing. Whatever the reason we will do a complete service of your brand to find the problem and reach a solution! 

Happy Client

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I always use Buzz Marketing whenever I need some business advice for my company. Their service is top notch, the team are really knowledgeable and professional and handle all of my business solutions in a really great way!
Tim Kay

Happy Client

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Buzz Marketing helped me to set up my business a few years ago and they still offer me fantastic advice and help now. My business is growing from strength to strength thanks to their amazing team!
Emma Walton